Meet Someone New

At Cbusr, we believe you can never have enough friends. Real ones - not the "yea, I follow them... but we've never actually met in person" variety. That's why we built a platform to help you find and connect with interesting people in real world Columbus.

Browse or search for locals you have something in common with and privately message them to set up a real-world meeting.

For the more socially fearless, create your own event and invite Cbusrs with similar interests to join you.

Cbusr is great for making new professional connections, finding new friends who share common interests and passions or even find the love of your life. The best part is that you control your experience on Cbusr.

So, go ahead, meet someone new today.

- The Cbusr team

Our Team

Contacting Cbusr Press, Events, Partnerships, Sponsorships, etc.

It's always good to hear from members of our community, the press and others interested in learning more about opportunities to work with us (sponsorship, partnerships, events, etc.). Keep in mind, we are a small team but we'll try our best to respond in a timely manner. If you have a question about how the site works, make sure you double-check our FAQ before you email us at